Sunday, March 12, 2006

UCF Continues Its Strong Start

UCF easily handled Villanova yesterday at the Rollins Invitational, beating the Wildcats by 32 seconds. After UCF lost a varsity 4 race to Villanova last weekend, there was a possibility that this race might be close. [Update: Scratch that possibility. A reader comments that this was Villanova's heavy 4+.]

St. Joseph's and Lehigh tangled yesterday as well, with St. Joe's coming out on top by about 3 seconds. Lehigh ended up in the top ten last year so this shows me that St. Joe's will make some noise this year. Lehigh was close enough to make a late season race between these two interesting. Meanwhile, as two Philadelphia schools, hopefully St. Joe's and Villanova will meet up so we can get a read on the speed of St. Joe's versus UCF.

At the Sacramento State Invitational Stanford's lights went up against the heavyweight 2Vs of Sacramento State, St. Mary's, and Humboldt State, finishing second, 13 seconds behind Sacramento State. Cal's lightweights (varsity?) raced in a 5 boat heavyweight novice eight race finishing 5th, 30 seconds behind the winner, Sacramento State. I don't know how good the heavyweight boats in these races are so it's hard to judge what it means for the lightweights. It's good to race, though, and nice to beat heavies, even 2Vs.

The Southeastern Regional Collegiate Sprints also took place yesterday but the results aren't posted yet. There may have been some lightweight racing there, but we'll have to wait and see.

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Anonymous said...

UCF lost to Villanova's heavy 4+ last weekend