Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Loyola Marymount put out a release on their Races at Windermere that adds some perspective to their performance and their program. The article says that the LMU lightweight program is in its second year and the squad is comprised of sophomores and freshmen. It was impressive to see them within 12 seconds of Stanford. Even better news is the fact that the school is planning to build its lightweight program. The first step in any plan is a lightweight coach, and LMU's novice coach is also the lightweight coach. Given a good opening performance last weekend, if LMU sticks to the plan, they could quickly become the West Coast version of UCF or URI - schools making a conscious effort to build their lightweight programs and seeing quick rewards.

Speaking of Loyola, Loyola College in Maryland has a press release out about their light four's Murphy Cup performance. They were third (of six), but it turns out that they were in a dogfight for second with CMU until an oarlock popped open 200 meters from the finish. Can't you just hear their coach when they got back to the dock, "How many times have I told you...?" Anyway, sounds like they can develop some more speed in the four.


Anonymous said...

hey now, to give cmu some credit, cmu was just as close to pitt (1st) as they were to loyola (3rd). and once the oarlock was out, cmu was much closer to first... (thanks for the info on loyola-- i need to tell my girls this to make us work even harder on our sprint. this weekend, our sprint was non-exsistant)

can we see more about 4's? not that many schools raced them last weekend, but there seemed to be a good number at murphy & lanier sprints (i think). i know 4's are harder to track down than 8's...

JW Burk said...

Taking nothing away from CMU..., the article makes clear that CMU was ahead at the time of the popped oarlock.

I suppose I shortchanged the fours at Murphy Cup a bit, but you're right, it's harder to find information on fours. Fours sometimes seem to appear and disappear like will 'o the wisps making it difficult to even predict who will race from week to week (although that's not the case with CMU). There were no light fours in the results from Lanier Sprints, although there probably were some in the V4 event (Georgia Tech?).