Friday, March 31, 2006

"Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me" - Stanford Men

The Stanford men continue to whinge about how their competition has more scholarships to give so the playing field isn't even. Why should women's lightweights care? Because Stanford's, and the Pac-10's, solution is a NCAA championship for the heavyweight men which would undoubtedly end the IRAs and leave the light men and light women without a national championship regatta. I've written about this several times before and suggested that you (or your coach) take a position against this proposal. We're in the comment period now but I believe it ends soon. Many heavyweight coaches, as well as lightweight coaches, are against this proposal, but the NCAA seems to be favorably disposed. Now is the time to act against it!


Emily, the long-suffering coach's wife said...

I read the article, and as I understand it, this debate has been going on for years (but perhaps, I am wrong). I am dying to know what colleges in the US are giving rowing scholarships to men. I know women are getting them, but what top men's rowing programs give Athletic scholarships?? None jump to my mind. I am more familiar with the men's programs on the East coast, but I was under the impression that most of the West Coast men's programs were interested in NCAA status.

From my perspective, as a non-rower who has been watching and reading about competitive collegiate rowing for more than a decade, the NCAA has much less to offer men's programs. Stanford's argument is rather hollow. Why is it such as hassle to travel to IRAs. Crews travel internationally to compete all of the time.

Rowing as a whole seems to not fit into the rules of NCAA very well as a whole. However, I thought that with the exception of a few powerful West Coast crews, there was very little support for this initiative. Again, my knowledge is somewhat spotty, but I will be watching with interst.

JW Burk said...

See today's post on this. There are many men's programs with scholarships. A look at the discussion in the Pac-10 when they limited their scholarships to 5 shows who offers them there - Stanford, Washington, Cal, etc. On the East Coast, schools like Northeastern and Temple and many others also offer scholarships.

Emily, the long-suffering coach's wife said...

Please let me know which schools do give athletic scholarships for rowing. I think that UW does, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Penn, Brown, Columbia, Darmouth don't (I don't know about Columbia Cornell, but it would probably fall in line with the rest of the Ivys). Navy is free. I don't think that Rutgers does. What East Coast schools do? Northeastern? BC? BU? MIT (which I would also think would fit in with the Ivys)? I don't know about the schools on the West Coast, but most ECAC schools don't give athletic scholarships.