Sunday, March 05, 2006

Metro Cup

As expected, the UCF lightweights won the Metro Cup V8 in convincing fashion - 55 seconds. Perhaps more interesting, though, was the fact that the UCF heavies, who were only 2 seconds off of Michigan in their race the same day, raced with two lightweights and one rower listed as Light/Heavy in the boat. This suggests to me that for a big race UCF has some more guns to bring to the battle.

In the V4 Villanova beat UCF (with four rowers frrom the V8) and Rollins. Looks like Villanova plans to race lightweights this year. They didn't have a V8 here, but maybe it's just too early in the season to get one together for a race.

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Anonymous said...

UCF Lights and Villanova Lights are going head-to-head next weekend at Rollins.