Tuesday, March 28, 2006

More Results

The University at Buffalo reported on results of races that apparently took place a week or two ago while the team was on spring break. A UB lightweight eight raced the UB novice heavyweights and a UNH heavyweight 3V, finishing ahead of UNH but behind the UB novices. The lightweights later raced West Virginia but it's not clear if the WVU boat was light or heavy or who won. This article is interesting for the fact that the pictures shown are all of coxswains. It never hurts to suck up to your coxswain, does it?

Last Saturday Ithaca raced a lightweight eight against Colgate's heavyweight 3V and Ithaca's own heavy 3V, finishing 2nd after Colgate and before the Ithaca heavy 3V. Next week Ithaca races Marist, William Smith, and Ohio State. Ohio State's presence at this regatta means it's possible we'll see an OSU v Ithaca lightweight eight race.

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