Thursday, March 16, 2006

Rollins Tri-Meet

UCF continues its rapid start to the season, racing in the Rollins Tri-Meet. Last year UCF raced Villanova at this regatta but since they've already raced this year, I would guess there will be another opponent in store. UCF races once more before the Knecht Cup in April, giving them a total of four races before Knecht. That's more than most, if not all, of their opponents in New Jersey, giving them the race experience advantage. It's not like the other crews are novices who've never raced before, but racing gives a crew an opportunity to shake out its race plan and learn where it may have weaknesses. UCF should have learned about, and corrected, any obvious problems by April 8th.

[Update: UCF is racing heavyweight boats from UGA, Stetson, Washington College, and Jacksonville.]


Anonymous said...

UCF is racing UGA, Stetson, and Washington College this weekend (all heavy teams) in the 8 and 4.

Anonymous said...

along with Jacksonville University's heavy 8+