Monday, March 13, 2006

Augusta Invitational

The Augusta Invitational will be raced on Saturday and it looks to have a decent light four lineup. Alabama (2 boats), Georgia State, Hamilton, and Tampa (2) will be joined by the Atlanta Juniors in the race. The only crew I know that’s raced so far is Tampa, which earlier beat Stetson. Nonetheless, I expect this year to look much like last year with Alabama winning, followed by Tampa, Georgia State, and Hamilton. The heavyweight V8 event also contains two Alabama boats and it looks like one of those eights is lightweight, the combination of the two light fours. In its last season as a club sport, I’m happy to see any Alabama lightweight boat. Their coach has told me that he hopes to continue racing lights as a varsity program, so the lightweight racing they do this year can only help the lightweights next year.

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