Thursday, March 30, 2006

Crew Classic

The biggest race of the weekend turns out to also be a dual race, taking place under the guise of the San Diego Crew Classic. Only Wisconsin and Stanford are entered in the lightweight eight event creating a match race in San Diego. This regatta has certainly taken a dive this year as there were 9 entries in the event in 2005. What happened? There's been talk about unfair conditions at Mission Bay for quite a while, but I can't imagine that's the real reason 7 schools declined to return this year. What happened to Cal and Loyola, just to name two?

The Wisconsin lightweights also have an entry in the Women's Varsity Cal Cup. Since the light eight race is at 10:40 am on Saturday and the Cal Cup is at 11:00am, it can't be the same boat. Which one is the A boat?

The Crew Classic turnout is extremely disappointing this year and hopefully is not representative of the state of West Coast lightweight women's rowing. I don't believe it is, but it's not encouraging. It may be, however, a reaction to something about the regatta, rather than a decline in lightweights. Wisconsin should win the lightweight event and, depending on which boat enters the Cal Cup, should make the final and perhaps even medal.

I think Wisconsin alternates between the Crew Classic and Windermere each year. A turnout like this year's Crew Classic may make them drop it all together, further eroding the viability of a women's lightweight event in San Diego.

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