Sunday, March 19, 2006

Of Jesuits and Longhorns

In the Jesuit Invitational yesterday, Georgetown faced St. Joseph's in a race in which Georgetown hoped to dominate and St. Joe's hoped to surprise. There were no surprises as the Hoyas hammered St. Joe's by 24 seconds. This is a good start for Georgetown as any win by 24 seconds shows a fast boat. St. Joe's can take heart however, since Ohio State, last year's Dad Vail silver medal winner, lost to Georgetown by over 25 seconds in the IRA final. St. Joe's could be on track to a Dad Vail medal.

At the Longhorn Invitational Wisconsin's varsity raced against itself and the novices raced a few heavyweight novice boats. The varsity also raced the Texas novice eight (apparently they needed something to do), beating them by 8 seconds. The Wisco novices lost but it's too early in the season, especially for Wisconsin, to read anything into that. All in all not a particularly informative regatta for those of us trying to get an early read in Wisconsin's speed.

The Rollins Tri-Meet, however, did provide some information, and it wasn't good for UCF's upcoming opponents. UCF's lights beat both the Jacksonville and Georgia heavyweight eights. UCF is probably ready to go earlier in the season than most schools because they get so much water time living in the warm weather but JU and UGA aren't exactly in Minnesota. This looks like a fast boat this year, too bad they won't be at Dad Vail.

Virginia Tech and NC State's varsity fours also went at it yesterday, with Virginia Tech coming out on top by 23 seconds. NC State had a decent fall season, but it looks like they have some work to do to be ready for the spring.

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