Tuesday, March 14, 2006

FITD in the Wall Street Journal Online!

Well, it’s not quite as glamorous as it sounds because FITD was in a column of reader responses, but nonetheless…. Jason Fry writes the Real Time column for the Journal, which is “A weekly column examining the fast-moving issues and people behind the week's technology headlines.” Obviously, that means FITD! Seriously, though, Jason wrote a column about the alleged death of blogs and asked readers to write with their blog experiences. Never one to miss an opportunity to spread the word, I wrote, and Jason published my letter (the longest one published) along with a very flattering comment. You’ll need a subscription to read the column, but the point here isn’t the content of my letter (that’s about blogging, not lightweight rowing), it’s the fact that for a moment, however brief, people who didn’t even know lightweight women’s rowing existed, thought about the sport. A lot of them even clicked through to the site and maybe discovered that there is still purity in college athletics. As the Title IX girls (T9s) clip-clop through the boathouse, and the heavyweight guys leer at you as you shove off, you’ll know that on Monday, at least, many more people thought about lightweights than heavyweights.

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