Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Regattas This Weekend

As I mentioned before, on Saturday the Yankee Cup will be contested among URI, UMass, UNH, and UConn. Of those, URI, UMass, and UNH have already raced lightweight eights this year so if they all boat light crews here we should have a pretty good race. URI should take it but UMass and UNH are unknown quantities at this point.

The John Hunter Regatta will take place this weekend in Oak Ridge and a light eight is scheduled. At the moment , though, there is only one entry - the University of Alabama. That one entry sure looks lonely and makes one wonder if there's no one in the South to challenge the Crimson Tide?

The Red Hawk Sprints hosted by Miami University will be run on Saturday. Last year there were light eights entered as well as light fours with Ohio university winning the fours. So far this year only Miami has entered a light eight and there are no light fours. Where are Ohio and Wittenberg this year?

The Occoquan Sprints take place on Sunday with a light four event. So far N.C. State and the University of Maryland are entered. N.C. State had a decent fall and Maryland is a new name to lightweight racing so this is an interesting matchup. I'm not sure, but I think this might be the first year for this regatta.

The University Rowing Association championships will be run on Sunday in Butler, PA. This race has one of those events that drives me crazy - lightweight and JV 4+. Entered are Brandeis University (2 boats), University of Rochester, Carnegie-Mellon University, and Case Western Reserve University. I suppose we'll never know which of those boats (if any) are lightweights, although I suspect at least the CMU boat is. If anyone knows, please let me know.

More to come on this weekend's races.


Anonymous said...

for the ura regatta-- last year all the boats in the women's light/ jv 4 were lightweights. this year, i don't know yet, but our coach didn't mention that it was combined jv to us. i'll stare down the other boats at the starting line on sunday and then report my jv vs lwt verdict here after the regatta. (and yes, you are right... cmu is definitely lightweights!)

Anonymous said...

Occoquan Sprints has been around, it draws a similar crowd of teams as the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Crew Championships, as they are both on the Occoquan, VA.