Thursday, April 13, 2006

Top Ten Races This Weekend

Coming off the most recent reaffirmation of their superiority, Radcliffe stays at home to race URI, MIT,and UMass. Radcliffe's V8 shouldn't have much trouble here, but the racing should be hot among the other three. There should also be good racing in the 4s and the frosh 8s. MIT's frosh had equipment trouble at Knecht, so their speed is unknown and this will give them a chance to work out some frustrations from last weekend.

Princeton is off while Wisconsin stays home to race heavyweights Michigan and Michigan State (Football Theorem). I had some tongue in cheek fun with Princeton when their 2V raced heavyweights at Windermere (Charge of the Light Brigade and all that), but as Princeton showed, good lightweights can be competitive with heavyweights. It's tough to beat football school T9 boats, but Wisco will have some fun in these nothing to lose races. A schedule is out, but it's not clear which Wisco lightweight boat is racing in each of the listed races.

Georgetown is off as is UCF. UCF is off now until PCRCs in mid May. How do you stay sharp for that long without a race? The UCF lights are in the odd position of being too successful. As I've mentioned, three of their lightweight rowers are rowing in the heavyweight boat. The lightweight crew is apparently so developed that three members made the heavy boat. They've been successful without them but if they come back, I think UCF will be seriously contending for medals at IRAs.

Stanford and Dayton are both off and, as mentioned above, URI heads to Boston. Bucknell races Delaware, George Mason, and Temple at home. Doesn't look like there will be any lightweight only racing there, but the light eight will no doubt be in action against the heavies. Buffalo is racing Eastern Michigan at home and lightweights are scheduled to compete.

As an aside, OSU just announced that they will join the Georgetown/Wisconsin race in Washington D.C. on April 29th. Now this is going to where the action is and should be a great opportunity for OSU.

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