Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Other Races Last Weekend

Hard to believe but there were lightweight races other than at the Knecht Cup last weekend. In California Stanford and Cal raced several heavyweights as well as occasionally each other. In head to head races Stanford won the V4 while Cal won the novice 4. In an article discussing these races in the Stanford Daily, much is made of the return to the V8 of a junior rower. While it's unclear that this rower has that much effect on the eight, the point is that Stanford may still have a few tricks up its sleeve. And it will need them to get back in the hunt.

At FIRAs Nova beat Tampa by 36 seconds, while in Oklahoma, Oklahoma City raced a light four against a passel of heavyweights. SCAD raced a light four against the College of Charleston heavyweights, only losing by 15 seconds. Ithaca was also listed as racing light fours against heavies from Rochester and St. Lawrence.

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