Sunday, April 30, 2006

Party on the Potomac

There was a party on the Potomac Saturday, but it was only fun if you like cheese. Wisconsin came to Georgetown to race Georgetown and Ohio State, sweeping all three races. The Wisco N8 won by 8 seconds over Georgetown, the V4 by 4 seconds over Georgetown, and the V8 by 11 seconds over Georgetown and 17 seconds over OSU. Although Wisconsin beat the Hoya eight by 13 seconds at Knecht, we know that Georgetown has gotten considerably faster since then, and an 11 second margin here suggests that Wisconsin is keeping pace. Finishing 6 seconds behind Georgetown gives OSU Dayton or Stanford type speed and I see that as cause to move them into the top ten, displacing Buffalo. With no upset in this race, its value for the rest of the world lies in what it shows us - Wisconsin is gaining speed as expected, Georgetown'’s Princeton race wasn'’t a fluke, and OSU is a top ten crew.

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