Sunday, April 23, 2006

A10 and Other Races

The A10 Championships were Saturday with only Dayton and URI competing in the lightweight eight race. Dayton stayed on track for a defense of its Dad Vail championship by beating URI by 4 seconds. The margin was a little larger than I thought it would be, but still close enough for URI to remain a serious threat to Dayton later in the season. UMass won the light four handily over Dayton and St. Joe's. Judging by the times, the wind must have had a tremendous impact on the course, so it seems unlikely that any crew was at its best.

The Bucknell lights went up against the Buffalo lights on Saturday, with a result that is hard to believe. Bucknell beat Buffalo by a minute and 10 seconds. If this was a straight up race, Bucknell must be awfully fast. Dayton was only 26 seconds ahead of Buffalo at Knecht, so Bucknell would have to enter Dad Vail as an overwhelming favorite.

Stanford and Cal raced each other along with some Santa Clara and St. Mary's heavyweight boats. There was no lightweight V8 showdown as Cal apparently didn't have one to race, so Stanford raced the SC and St. Mary's heavy V8s, finishing about 30 seconds back. Stanford did win the light four and lightweight frosh eight events over Cal.

In Washington State, Willamette beat Pacific Lutheran in a race of light fours at the NCRC Championships while in Oswego, NY the Susqehanna light four defeated the Binghamton light four.

In Wisconsin the Wisco lightweights beat up on some xV Wisco heavies in the Wisconsin Intramurals, er, the Midwest Rowing Championships. I already did my Ode to the Midwest Sprints so all of you Badgers know that I'm not making fun of this race, I'm lamenting its demise.

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