Sunday, April 16, 2006

April 15 Races

Radcliffe continues to show their strength as the lightweight V8 raced against two heavyweight V8s from BC and URI. Radcliffe was 10 seconds back from the winner, BC, and 5 seconds behind URI. Radcliffe's frosh raced against the Lightweight V8s from URI and MIT, finishing ahead of URI by 3 seconds and ahead of MIT by 4 seconds. The Radcliffe win here overshadowed what was a barnburner of a race between URI and MIT, as MIT considerably closed the gap with URI, from 17 seconds at Knecht to 1 second yesterday. The Knecht conditions were so odd that results were a bit goofy and in the absence of similar conditions may not be entirely reliable. These results also make me wonder if the Radcliffe frosh boat was the same as the one at Knecht, where they were 12 seconds behind Princeton. Either it's a different boat (or a different row) or Princeton's frosh are fast as the wind. MIT's 2V finished ahead of the UMass 1V, while Radcliffe won the fours race over MIT.

Wisconsin also did the heavyweight thing, finishing 7 seconds behind Michigan's 2V and 17 seconds ahead of Iowa's 2V. Later, the lights finished 16 and 15 seconds back from the Wisco and Michigan heavy 2Vs. In the 2F heavy race Wisconsin's 1F lightweights finished 3 seconds behind Iowa but 10 seconds ahead of Michigan. The varsity and Frosh also put in creditable performances against the heavies in fours.

Buffalo raced a lightweight four against their own heavies and Eastern Michigan, finishing 3 seconds behind the Buffalo heavies and 23 seconds ahead of EMU. A Buffalo novice light four also raced, finishing behind the Buffalo and EMU heavies.

Northwestern beat a Michigan State light four by 22 seconds. I assume this is a Michigan State club team since the MSU varsity operates under the Football Theorem.

Bucknell was in action against Temple, Delaware, and George Mason and although the results don't specify if Bucknell's light eight raced or not, I would imagine it did, probably in the heavyweight 2V. In that race Bucknell beat Delaware by 2 seconds and Temple by 16.

Final SIRA results are yet to come.

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