Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Some Articles

This article in The Stanford Daily is notable, mainly for its reference to the Stanford lightweights as "the matchstick Card." No, sorry, I wouldn't want to be a matchstick. Does the author describe the heavyweights as the "bovine Card?" Jeez, they're soooo insensitive at Stanford. Next thing you know they'll be calling themselves the Indians again. Maybe they should stick to search engines.

Meanwhile, after always reading how losing all your races is still a "strong showing," the Spectrum at Buffalo published an article titled, "Crew makes unexpectedly poor showing." That's exactly what happened when they raced Bucknell and Colgate (who'll be surprised to find they are in the Ivy League) and the team knows it. To the coach's credit, he admits to some problems and discusses how he will correct them. No BS here. Kind of refreshing isn't it? By the way, we also find out that the Buffalo lightweight boat that got hammered by Bucknell caught several crabs. The coach mentions the coming "hell week." Yikes!

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