Thursday, April 20, 2006

Races This Weekend

The Atlantic 10 Championship will be held on Saturday. Likely lightweight schools will be Dayton, URI, UMass, and probably Duquesne. St. Joe's will probably race a four as may Temple. The Dayton/URI matchup in the light eight should be a good one, as Dayton was 6th in the grand final at Knecht and URI won the petite. Because of how the heats worked out, Dayton and URI never actually went head-to-head and I think the margin of victory in this race will be a boat length or less. Dayton is the defending champion for both the eight and the four.

Elsewhere among the top ten, Radcliffe is off while Princeton hosts Georgetown. Wisconsin races at the Midwest Rowing Championships. UCF is also off. Stanford races Cal, St, Mary's, and Santa Clara. Stanford has come across Cal before and beaten them, but in a rivalry race all bets are off. Bucknell hosts Cincinnati, West Virginia, Buffalo, and Colgate. Of those crews only Buffalo has a light eight, although Bucknell's light eight will probably race in some of the heavy races. Bucknell's race against Buffalo should be a good race to give us an idea of Bucknell's speed. Lehigh has a rivalry race against Lafayette, in which a light four may see some heavyweight action.

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