Sunday, April 30, 2006

More Racing

Stanford raced a light eight against a Cal heavyweight boat on Saturday, losing by 17 seconds. We're not told what Cal boat was in the race.

The WIRA Championships were held Saturday with a light N4 and a light V4. Cal won both races, winning the N4 by 11 seconds over second place Sacramento State and the V4 by 2 seconds over second place Pacific Lutheran.

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Anonymous said...

I doubt you'll read this by now (I just found this forum) but Pacific Lutheran has won or placed second in the WL4+ each of the last three years. It seems Cal and PLU are the two dominant small crews for light women on the West Coast.

Though there isn't nearly enough LW racing, Willamette University had a fast L4+ this year as well. Perhaps if they rejoin WIRA we'll see a bigger final next year!