Monday, April 03, 2006

More April 1-2 Results

Ohio State, Marist, and Ithaca raced lightweight eights on Saturday with OSU finishing first, seven seconds ahead of Marist, who were 14 seconds ahead of Ithaca. Meanwhile in Bloomington, the Dayton lightweight eight raced the Eastern Michigan, Cincinnati, and Dayton heavyweight 2Vs. The lights were third, 12 seconds behind Eastern Michigan and 8 seconds behind Cincinnati.

The Wisconsin lightweights finished their weekend at the Crew Classic placing second in the petites of the Cal Cup. It looks like Wisconsin rowed some pretty strong races against the heavyweights (and, of course, the Stanford lightweights) and were just edged out of the grand final in their heat, and may have made it if they were in another heat. They continue to look fast.

Looks like no one rose up to challenge Alabama at the John Hunter Regatta. There must be some light eights in the South? No results are in yet for the Red Hawk Sprints, the Occoquan Sprints, or the URAs.


Anonymous said...

Although you did get the times correct for the Dayton lights - they got third in that race, not fourth as you have posted. They beat their own 2V8

JW Burk said...

Ooops, typo. Sorry.