Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rowing News Ignores Lightweights Again

I'm a little late on this because I just came across the January issue now, but in an article discussing the IRA's likely move to the West coast in the next year or two, the regatta is described as "the national championship of American men's collegiate rowing." Hmmm. I wonder where we've all been going in the beginning of June for the last ten years or so?

One of the things the article talks about is the impact the move could have on attendance. Given that there are so few lightweight women's programs on the West coast, it's unlikely that any other category could be as affected, a pretty important point that should have been made. Well, I guess that's only true if you give a darn about lightweight women.

Now when we think of that establishment organ, Rowing News, we can just think of Steve Martin in a plaid sports coat saying, "I forgot!"

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