Thursday, March 08, 2007

Racing This Weekend

On Saturday, Bucknell races Alabama and Lehigh races St. Joe's, LaSalle, and Delaware. It's possible that there will be a lightweight race at one or both of those events, but I would guess that's unlikely.

In South Carolina the Southeast Regional Collegiate Sprints will be held with a five boat light four race. Auburn, Chattanooga, Clemson, and two Georgia boats will battle it out. This will be a nice early look at Georgia who often races lightweights at Dad Vails. Several members of the lightweight four crews will also race in heavy eights.

Stanford and Cal will be racing at the Sacramento State Invitational. They'll race a lot of heavyweight boats in addition to each other, although there is usually a good group of light fours racing as well.

[Update: UCF is back in action at Rollins, racing the heavies from Villanova, Nova Southeastern, and Rollins.]

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Anonymous said...

The UCF lights are racing again at Rollins on Saturday. They will go against Villanova, Nova Southeastern, and Rollins openweight boats.