Friday, March 23, 2007

A Flurry of Press Releases

A flurry of press releases hit the wire over the last few days. Dayton had a great spring preview which highlighted the lightweight eight while also bringing the heavyweights into focus. The story confirms that the Flyers will race Duquesne in both the light four and the light eight. Dayton has one of the best lightweight resumes around, as they are two time winners of both the Dad Vail and the A10 lightweight titles.

The UCF release about the Petrakis Cup notes that the light eight will race in the heavy eight event while a light four event will be held. Jacksonville will have one of the light fours racing.

Georgetown is racing George Mason, George Washington, and North Carolina on the Potomac River, although it looks like only the lightweight freshmen will be participating.

The Harvard Crimson gets a week's jump on Radcliffe's opener with Georgetown by making the race out to be a real blood feud. More on that race next week.

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