Monday, March 19, 2007

Last Weekend's Races, and the NCRC

Last weekend was a difficult weekend for racing in the Philadelphia area as a snow and ice storm canceled Lehigh's races in the city as well as the Jesuit Invitational in Camden.

There's always racing in Florida though, and UCF went up against heavyweights from Nova Southeastern, Jacksonville, Rollins, and Georgia in the eight and the four. The Golden Knights finished behind Nova and Jacksonville, but ahead of Rollins and UGA in both races. In the eight, UCF was 12 seconds off of Nova and 5 seconds off of Jacksonville, while the margins narrowed a bit in the four. UCF was closer to Nova last week.

On the West Coast Seattle Pacific and Pacific Lutheran battled it out in Seattle. The V8 race (which a reader tells me was between the schools' lightweight boats) was a barnburner, with SPU winning by less than a second over PLU. The PLU light four raced in the JV four event, finishing 17 seconds behind their own heavy four, but 10 seconds ahead of the SPU heavy four.

A reader posted a comment to my last post noting that the Northwest College Rowing Conference includes lightweight eight and four races. I've added those races to the calendar. A look at PLU's schedule shows the IRA regatta listed so it looks like they're serious about lightweights. (It's not listed on SPU's schedule.) PLU has been a frequent lightweight competitor but you never know if they'll be racing from year to year. Imprecise results reporting doesn't help either. Now that I know, I'll keep an eye out for lightweight racing in the NCRC.

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