Sunday, March 25, 2007

More Results...

What a day in Tacoma Washington! The Daffodil Cup went off Saturday in the face of tremendous wind and rain, although the last five events had to be canceled as a result of the horrendous conditions. How horrendous? Well, when it takes fours over ten minutes to run the course, you know you have a bit of a head wind. A head wind like that, unfortunately, will just about kill the chances of any lightweight crew racing heavyweights, which is what several lightweight boats did.

I haven't yet seen the official results, but a reader was kind enough to post them in a comment, and noted that "B" boats were lightweight boats. Pacific Lutheran raced a light eight in the 2V event, finishing second behind Puget Sound but ahead of Lewis and Clark. PLU raced a light four in the heavy four event, and saw the head wind push them to the back of the field, 75 seconds off of their own winning heavy four. A Puget Sound B boat (lightweight) raced in the heavyweight novice eight, finishing third out of three. A PLU B boat raced in the heavyweight 2V four event, finishing behind Puget sound and Lewis and Clark heavies, but ahead of a Portland heavyweight boat.

All in all it had to have been an incredibly difficult day, even more so for lightweights trying to cut through a headwind. I guess the only thing to do on days like that is to think of Nietszche.

In Oklahoma, Tulsa and Creighton locked horns in lightweight fours with Tulsa coming out on top by 5 seconds. Tulsa has a pretty decent four so Creighton shows some potential in this race.

In Los Angeles, LMU put their light eight out a combination novice/lightweight boat to face USC's 3V8 and novice 8. LMU was third, 53 seconds behind the 3V and 30 seconds behind the novice. USC is a powerful squad, but I think these results reflect an off day (or a different crew) for LMU. [Update: Thanks to a reader for clearing up the LMU boating.]

In the Berg Cup at Newport Beach, Long Beach State raced a light eight in the 2V race, winning the event over heavies from USD, UCSD, and Chapman. Long Beach State was 12 seconds ahead of second place USD.


Anonymous said...

LMU vs. USC on Saturday - you're right, that was NOT LMU's lightweight eight. It was a combo novice/light squad that raced USC's 3V.

Anonymous said...

Does LMU have a lightweight 8 this year?

JW Burk said...

Yes, they raced well at the Long Beach Spring Regatta. They should be at Windermere.