Thursday, March 22, 2007

More Races This Weekend

In addition to the Murphy Cup, there are several other races with lightweight events. On Saturday UCF hosts the Petrakis Cup with Jacksonville, Miami, and Tulane coming to town. Most of these races (all?) will be heavyweight races, but I'm sure the lights will race at home. [Update: see comments for clarification.] Dayton races Duquesne, which may involve a lightweight race. In Tacoma the Daffodil Cup will be contested, with PLU in the mix, while Seattle Pacific heads to the Blue Heron Regatta in Eureka where they'll race Humboldt State and Mills in light fours.

On Sunday, Ohio State stops off in Indianapolis on its return trip from spring break training to race Purdue, Texas, and Michigan State or Grand Valley. Also in the (more) middle of the country, Tulsa takes on Creighton in the light four. It's a big day for Tulsa, as they christen a new boat and dedicate a new boathouse, the J. Bird Sr. Shell Nest. Is that a great name or what!? Check out this sweet description of where Tulsa rows:

The Verdigris River sports a natural setting of 18 miles distance for the TU women's rowing team to practice, and the levees on either side provide calm waters even when the winds gust up to 25 mph.
Is there such a thing as too nice to row?

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Anonymous said...

The UCF lights are racing against the other V8's but there will be a light 4 with 2 UCF boats, Jacksonville and Emory Riddle.