Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Crew Classic, NCRC, and Other Races This Weekend

The San Diego Crew Classic is this weekend, a regatta which has the potential to be a lightweight showcase on the West Coast, but has seen some dropping entries (the entire regatta has experienced a bit of trouble in this regard). Heck, the event even has a named cup for a trophy - the A.W. Coggeshall Cup. Last year, however, only two eights raced - Stanford and Wisconsin. (It's hard to think of the Crew Classic without thinking of the Wisconsin pep band wading into Mission Bay to play "On Wisconsin" for the lightweights.) This year showed signs of improvement though, as five boats were entered - Cal, LMU, Stanford, Chapman, and Arizona State. Unfortunately, LMU and Cal scratched and we're down to three boats. Still an exciting race for those three, but it would be nice to see a bigger field. Maybe we could get the Dad Vail committee talking to the Crew Classic committee and together they could create some incentive for crews to come to these events. Two excellent events suffering from low entries (makes you think it might be important for lightweight crews to race lightweight events). The West Coast is producing more consistent lightweight boats, however, and I'm hopeful that this event quickly returns to at least its 2005 level when 9 boats entered.

I was concerned that the Cal and LMU scratches had ominous undertones for the rest of the season, but both coaches have told me that their eights will continue to race this spring. Cal suffered a sudden rash of injuries, nearly all non-rowing related (don't these women have restricted activities in their contracts?), but they'll be back and ready to go at Windermere. LMU experienced some recent sickness as well as logistical problems with the race (including some lights holding seats in heavy boats). They too will be back for Windermere.

Now, for the race at hand. While not a known quantity at the start of the year, we know that Stanford will put out a good eight. They've already had some good races this year, just barely missing out on second in the heavy race at Sacramento State. The Cardinal will come to town as the favorite, and ready to race. Chapman hasn't raced an eight yet this season (that I'm aware of), so this race will show us what they have. The same goes for Arizona State. I love to see new lightweight crews racing and ASU, which just got into WIRA, seems to be on the upswing. We'll see if they can hang with Stanford.

The NCRC Invitational is this weekend in Vancouver, Washington. I haven't been able to locate a schedule, but I would expect at least Pacific Lutheran and Puget Sound to race.

The University Rowing Association Championships take place on Sunday outside of Pittsburgh. Wash U. and Carnegie Mellon will face off in light fours (no Pittsburgh? Invitations are restricted - see comments).

Dayton faces off against Cincinnati, Indiana, and Eastern Michigan, while rival Ohio State takes on Michigan State (a club team?). I'm not sure if there will be any lightweight races at these regattas. I think this will be Ohio State's first race of the spring.

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Anonymous said...

University Rowing Association Championships-
"Crew clubs are currently invited from those universities whose varsity athletic programs compete in the University Athletic Association (UAA) and are Division III. "

-We asked but they wouldn't let us come.