Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pitt Odds and Ends

You'll remember that the HOCR fours post generated some comments about erg scores and resulted in an extended ergers vs rowers discussion. The point, of course, was that good ergers aren't necessarily good rowers. Well, since the fall, it appears that those four rowers put in the work necessary to drop their scores. The one athlete left with an erg score above 8:00, weighs about 100 pounds so she can afford to give up some time. Apparently that rower just avoided the lightweight nightmare, when a coach says, "You're going to be a coxswain." (And you want to say, "I'm a rower, nitwit.") Just a guess, but I think there's a coach in western PA that's pretty glad he's down one coxswain. This is always a great story because FITD readers know that I love to see boat movers make a mockery of low erg scores (Hmm, think that has anything to do with my own erging ability?).

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