Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend Results

Philadelphia greeted Georgetown, Lehigh, and Lafayette with a gusting wind that at times had enough power to stop smaller boats almost dead in the water. Somehow the Navy Day Regatta seems to frequently order up this kind of weather. A trip down the course resulted in two different races - a whitecap inducing head wind in the first half with smoother water and a bit of a tailwind in the second.

Georgetown scratched one of its two fours entered in the lightweight four event but one was enough as the Hoyas won the race by a minute over Lafayette and Lehigh. Lafayette is shown ahead of Lehigh in the results although both have the same time. If that same-time result is correct, it suggests those two boats have some fun ahead of them trying to come out on top in that rivalry. The Georgetown rowers, meanwhile, seemed fairly satisfied with their race, projecting an overall sense of, "Not bad." Conditions were so variable that it's pointless (even more than usual) to compare times to other races.

The Hoyas also sent a light eight to take a cruise down the course as the only light eight entrant. Coming down one of the windiest parts of the course the crew was rowing low and looking fairly controlled. In that headwind the low part was easy, the controlled part wasn't.

The MIT lightweights (thanks to a reader for this information) raced in all open events at the New Hampshire Championships. In the open four MIT finished 6th of 18 crews, 48 seconds off the winning crew from Franklin Pierce. The MIT light eight finished 9th out of 22 boats in the open eight event, 31 seconds away from the winning Vermont crew. Not a bad result for MIT as they were duking it out with some competitive ECAC programs.

At the Chattanooga Head Race Georgia Tech finished one and two out of three in the lightweight singles. Georgia State won the light fours, followed by two Georgia crews, with Alabama fourth. No times are given so we can't tell what the spread might be.

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