Sunday, October 15, 2006

New Head of the Charles Poll

Just in time to vote before you leave for Boston is the latest FITD poll: Which collegiate crew will finish first in the lightweight women's four at the Head of the Charles?

Results for the eights poll:
1) Princeton (27%)
2) Wisconsin (22%)
3) Radcliffe (18%)
4) Georgetown (15%)
5) MIT (12%)
6) Cal (2%)
7) Marist (0%)
8) Holy Cross (0%)

A total of 229 votes were cast in the eights poll. Marist and Holy Cross received 2 and 1 votes respectively.


Kit said...

How interesting. Is Princeton doing particuallarly well this season or is it loyalty to the school that ranked them so high?

I'm a lightweight women rower myself- that's why I find this blog so cool! Please keep me updated!

Anonymous said...

the poll completely depended on who read this and who voted. it's extremely biased. especially since any one person can vote as many times as they want from the same computer.

JW Burk said...

Yes, the polls are just for fun. The poll app does try to keep you from voting more than once, but that's fairly easy to defeat.

Anonymous said...

If I recall, on the 8+'s poll, MIT leaped to a HUGE initial lead. So, that means its rowers and their families must have discovered the poll early and voted early and often (isn't that the voting mantra?). All the real contenders then started making up the distance.

We'll be watching the final results.

Anonymous said...

good job sherlock. clearly MIT students are the only ones smart enough to use computers and actually vote.

Anonymous said...

Yikes... no need for the bitter sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

OK . . . I just can't resist. The pickin's are too easy! It's Sherlock here! Assuming it is "clear" that MIT students are the only computer whizzes in the land, clearly the finer points of English grammar, punctuation and capitalization have escaped them.

Anonymous said...

i guess MIT students have more important things to do then getting their panties in a bunch about capitalizing their proper nouns and utilizing correct punctuation. but its good that you are so concerned with middle school grammar, sherlock, because the world's future leaders and bosses will need good secretaries

Anonymous said...

ooooooooh snap.

Anonymous said...

u wiNn mIt gradZ, Wil rOol ThE! WeRld

Anonymous said...

The poll was right for the most part...except MIT seemed to pull in 4th. huh. I guess they crawled up some sterns..