Monday, October 09, 2006

Bucknell's Sculling

In Bucknell's first Coach's Corner installment, Coach Stephen Kish discusses his fall sculling program. The Bison scull two weeks, followed by a week of sweep in fours. Maybe we can call this the holistic approach to rowing, but whatever we call it, I think it's great. Sculling, which by it's nature is done in small boats, teaches a rower boat feel and the importance of technique. If you can't scull well, no amount of hammering the catch will make up for it. While pure hammers may get away with their gymnastic rowing style for a time in an eight, when a championship is on the line, gymnasts lose. Sculling teaches you how not to be a gymnast. Lightweights in particular should want to scull because summer and post-collegiate rowing for lightweights is all sculling.

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