Wednesday, October 25, 2006

HOCR Pictures

HOCR pictures are now posted to the FITD Flickr account. I have HOCR 2006 Lightweights
light eight and
HOCR 2006 Lightweights
light four pictures, although I wasn't able to get everyone (sorry).
Like everyone else, I also have some Beijing U. sinking pictures. Unfortunately I uploaded them last so now they show up first in the group.

[Update: At the request of readers, the pictures have been removed. Also at the request of readers, FITD will not show pictures of any crews mentioned.]


Anonymous said...

you are a hard core creeper, jw burk

JW Burk said...

Now that hurts. But I'm pretty sure you looked for your own picture before leaving that.

Anonymous said...

true. ... and she probably reads your blog everyday like every lightweight.

Anonymous said...

all i'm saying is, i'm glad i wasn't in one of those boats you took up close and personal pictures of. think about it: someone you dont know taking pictures of you and and fellow lightweight women and posting them on a website without revealing who he is...i'd qualify that as creepy. at least with row2k and sportgraphics pictures, it's a trusted company and who took the photograph is public information. what you're doing is borderline stalking.

Anonymous said...

i agree, and while i'm willing to assume that you don't pose any serious threat to any of the rowers or teams that you follow, i do think that in general, anonymity is suggestive. are you really doing anything that requires you to remain anonymous? The thing about your blog is that you consistently post assumptions about the thoughts, race strategies, and training plans of each team. while this is standard fare for any sports reporting, what usually comes along with it is open information as to who is reporting, and where they got their information. i enjoy reading your posts that follow lightweight rowing and current controversies in the sport as much as anyone else, but when you're making assumptions and taking pictures of my team and i have no way of knowing who you are or where you are at races, that is a little strange. furthermore, a substancial amount of the information that you post is questionable, at least with regard to my team. people are hesitant to give you any information about what their teams are doing because they don't know who you are, and as a result you often post inaccurate information (again, at least in terms of my team).

JW Burk said...

OK, here's what I think.

- If you think it's creepy, I understand, so no more.

- Graphics add a lot to what would otherwise be a dull text page.

- Everyone likes to see pictures of themselves.

- You're OK with super zoom row2k pictures but not FITD? That's creepy. If I sold them to you would you feel better?

- Gosh, you guys should really lighten up. I know it can be a cruel, evil world, but some things really are exactly what they appear to be. (Yes, I know, just the fact that I do this blog makes me appear pretty nutty.)

Finally, it is just common sense to not send me information about your team that would help an opponent. On the other hand, people frequently send me information that they ask me not to reveal or not to reveal the source of. I ALWAYS honor those requests. That information, however, is not about racing plans or strategy, rather, it is about other aspects of the sport. I understand that because I am anonymous I will never get the real inside scoop on a lot of what goes on so yes, I speculate. I do what any outsider would do and try to figure out what is going on just from what I can observe. I recognize that the anonymity is a little creepy and it gets in the way of many things. If it wasn't necessary I wouldn't do it this way. In some ways the growth of FITD got a little bit out of my control and if I had known that ahead of time I may very well have never started. I don't know, maybe I should do a post about this, but I'm not sure what else I can add. In any case, no more photos (they were truly a pain in the butt to take anyway!).

Anonymous said...

We know Mr. Row2k is Ed Hewitt though.