Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend Races

This weekend's big race was the Head of the Ohio and it was biggest for the University of Pittsburgh. On a beautiful day for racing, Pitt won both the light eight and the light four by over 20 seconds each. Duquesne took second and McMaster (Canada) third in the eights event, followed by Buffalo A, Penn State, and Buffalo B. Less than 20 seconds separated 2nd through 5th. This was a competitive race but Pitt was able to use it to lay down an early marker. In the fours, Pitt was followed by McMaster, Duquesne, Carnegie Mellon, Pitt B, Buffalo A, and Buffalo B. The spread was greater in this one and Pitt won by 32 seconds.

At the Head of the Housatonic CRI won the light four, but UMass was the first collegiate crew followed by Iona and Fairfield.

At the Columbus Crew Classic Ohio State was the only light eight racing, but turned in a time that would place them second, ahead of their own B boat and Ohio U but behind their A boat, in the heavy event (conditions being equal, of course).

In Oak Ridge, TN Georgia State raced a light four all alone but was faster than the heavy fours.

Finally, at the Head of the Rock, Wisconsin saw action finishing 8th in the heavy eight event (of 24) and 9th in the heavy fours (of 21). The light eight was only 50 seconds back from the winner, Wisconsin's own heavy eight. Given a head wind and choppy conditions this is a nice result for Wisco. The novice light eight was 7th of 16 while the novice light four won. There was also a light fours race at the Rock, which was not entered by Wisconsin. That race was won by Northern Michigan followed by Marquette, Washington U., MacAlaster, and the University of Missouri.


Anonymous said...

Where did Pitt get all those lightweights.

Anonymous said...

Responding to the previous comment...The light women in the 8 were the same as those in the A and B light 4s

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