Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Head of the Charles Changes Lightweight Limit

Although the elimination of Saturday practice seems to be the bigger news, the Head of the Charles also changed the limit for lightweight women. In the past lightweight boats averaged 130 with an individual maximum of 138 pounds. The new rule sets an individual limit of 133 with no averaging. I think this is a great move and I previously discussed my opposition to the old limits. The new rules were proposed by the lightweight committee of the CRCA. I'm still not at all certain why the limit isn't a straight 130. Why are you allowed to weigh more in the fall?

In any case, this is a good change and another sign of how the lightweight community is working together and starting to take control of their own destiny.


Michael said...

I like the higher weight limit for the fall. The teams who race at Charles typically are lightweight programs, so there are few girls who would cut to 133, but wouldn't cut to 130. Having the limit at 133 rightfully keeps the fall a little less stressful than the Spring. With rowing being one of very few year round sports, we would struggle with more burnout than we already do if Fall was looked at with the same intensity.

When we coach, we need to keep in mind the fall is a really really long spring break where we relearn the stroke and get last year's novice up to the varsity mindset. Obviously this is done while keeping a watchful eye out for the true novices unintentionally playing chicken with bridges, dams, and rec rowers!

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