Monday, May 14, 2007

Wingnuts and Washers From the Weekend

A presser about Dayton's silver in the JV eight at Dad Vail originally called the boat the "lightweight eight." Perhaps they did a Bucknell after all. This link, though, goes to the "2nd varsity" story.

The Stanford and LMU pressers about PCRCs are here and here.

Sprints stories are up for Wisconsin, Princeton, and Radcliffe.

Wisconsin also won the inaugural Konrad Ulbrich Team Trophy, another feather to put in the Badger cap. Also, a few people mentioned that one of the Wisco rowers was a bit wobbly on the awards dock after the race. Unbelievably (because I watched the medal presentation) I missed it all. You know, rowers always joke about passing out on the last stroke of the race, but few actually pull it off. This woman apparently came pretty close and nothing more can possibly be said about giving your all. What a testament not only to the intensity of the race, but to the spirit and heart of that athlete.


Anonymous said...

The Wisco rower wasn't about to pass out, she was about to throw up. Standing on a wobbling dock being shaken by rolling wakes wasn't helping. Some water and solid ground and she was fine.

Anonymous said...

I saw Dayton's JV 8 row away from the medals dock and there were at least 6, maybe 7 LW-ish looking girls in it.

Anonymous said...

at Vails this past week there was a girl who indeed ended up passing out-it was a bit scary, but turns out she was just dehydrated, so she's fine