Thursday, May 03, 2007

Coaches' Poll and cMax

I'm late on the latest rankings too, although the coaches' poll didn't show much movement. cMax is a different story however, as UCF jumped a spot to #4 and LMU jumped one to #7. My guess is that LMU brought this on with their WIRA victory. UCF moved without racing, but they beat LMU earlier in the season so no doubt benefited from the Lions' excellent WIRA performance.

It sure is interesting to see a ranking in which the Easties "don't get no respect." Unfortunately this is another argument (like the fours) that we won't see settled this year.

Another interesting observation comes from the cMax rankings. Through the top five positions, the lightweight category is the second most competitive women's category (after the heavyweight women). By tenth place, however, it's fourth out of five. This illustrates both how far you've come and how far you have to go. In all cases, however, the lights have more crews and are more competitive than a NCAA championship category - DII. So let's see, they get the most desirable thing on God's earth, a NCAA championship, while lightweights don't?


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