Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More Individual Honors

The A10 announced its Academic All Conference team, and two lightweights made the list. Jeanna Heink from Dayton and Abbey Lively from UMass both earned the honor. Heink, who rows in Dayton's light eight has a 4.0 in engineering, and Lively, who races in the light four, has a 3.94 in kinesiology (yes, I did cut and paste that so I could spell it correctly). Those GPAs and varsity athletes? C'mon, that's just not right. What about spreading some of that around to the rest of us?

These kinds of awards are very impressive, but are just anecdotal evidence of the fact that rowers are the smartest athletes. A reader challenged me on that assertion a while ago, and I owe her or him some facts on it. I suspect it will be too busy to get to until the season is over so maybe in the summer. In the meantime, trust me on this - athletic directors love crew programs because they increase the department's average GPA. We are the smartest!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's because at most schools rowers don't get as much attention and as many perks as football and basketball players, so they can't take their academic standing for granted...

Tribucks said...

Hi. This came up on our board and I was wondering if someone could provide the answers. Thanks.

"On a rowing team everyone has to be doing the exact same thing for the team to be effective. So how can rowers be given individual honors? I can understand teammates knowing who the best rowers on the team are, but how can an outside observer tell?"