Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Remember to Vote - FITD Reader Polls

Please remember to vote in the varsity eight and varsity four polls in the sidebar. Read the "honor code" here. A few readers wrote in with some crews that I should've included in the list, in particular some from the Pacific Northwest. Since I was without a computer for a while, I was unable to make any immediate changes and with the poll running for several days now, we'll keep the choices we have.

As for the Pacific Northwest, I agree I should've included some of those crews. I didn't really get them in there initially because it seems they tended to just race amongst themselves so far this season, leaving us without a good way to compare against the rest of the world. With PCRCs coming up, maybe that will change. I'll get them in next time.

Some readers have also noted the difficulty in ranking fours because they don't all race each other. This is very true and I noted that, but just try your best. At the end of the season we'll do it again and we'll probably end up with the best (only) final fours ranking available.

Thanks for taking the time to vote. We have quite a few votes in already, so please don't vote twice (the honor code and all that).

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