Thursday, May 11, 2006

That Reminds Me...

Reading the Daily Princetonian article reminded me of an article in the Harvard Crimson I read a few years ago. It discusses a member of the Radcliffe heavyweight crew and the key quote from her is,

I love that we’re big women and proud of it and proud that we’re strong and we love to eat. I think that the way that we relate to our bodies is really healthy.

I'm really not that interested in how much or how little heavyweight women eat, but I am interested in how insidious is this politically correct notion that "bad" women watch their weight (are lightweights) and "good" women eat as much as they can (are heavyweights).

Let me be the first to tell you that the emperor is wearing no clothes.

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Anonymous said...

what about the idea that lightweight rowing isn't for women who diet, but for women who are naturally 130 lbs. and want to compete on an even playing field? i know many lightweights who eat as much as they can, and still are well under 130 lbs. i think the problem is that we associate lightweight rowing with dieting, when it should be for people who are naturally too light to compete with bigger women. beauty standards aside, we are not just pretty girls, we are just smaller athletes.