Sunday, May 07, 2006

Giving the Devil His Due

The latest edition of Rowing News actually gives some decent press to women's lightweight races. The first race discussed in the Knecht Cup article was the lightweight eight. Of course,given the prominence of the lightweight crews racing, it could hardly have been any other way. It goes on, though, to discuss Radcliffe's wins at Windermere and both stories (Knecht and Windermere) include pictures of the Black and White. (There's a group hug thing going on at Knecht, but they're in racing form in the Windermere shot.) Next, the Sports Science column is illustrated with a picture of two Wisconsin lightweights from a year or two back (another hug). Finally, the "let it run..." feature in the back, which publishes reader submitted essays, is about a high school lightweight. I'm happy to see this but let's remember, eternal vigilance is the price of lightweight coverage.

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