Monday, May 29, 2006

IRA Schedule

There's been some confusion about the schedule of events for IRAs. The ECAC has a schedule posted, showing heats and finals on Saturday. I don't think that is correct, however. row2k also had a preliminary schedule posted here, which shows heats and reps on Friday, with the final on Saturday. I think this is currently the best guess.

The women's lightweight final is scheduled right after the heavyweight men's final and right before the lightweight men. I think this is the way it went last year, which resulted in more attention on the medal ceremony for the heavy men than on the lightweight women coming down the course. A good announcer can control that situation, but I don't remember that happening last year. No matter how you try to schedule the finals, more people are there to see the heavy men so the regatta should just go with it and run that final last.

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Anonymous said...

Friday AM Heats - Top 2 to final, rest to reps.
Friday PM Reps - Winner to final, rest to Petites
Saturday - Petite, Final