Sunday, May 07, 2006

ECAC Metro Results

At the ECAC Metros yeaterday, URI showed that it is ready to be taken seriously, winning the lightweight eight by 5 seconds over Marist. Although URI was favored, times tend to compress later in the season and it can be difficult to row from the front. Meanwhile Marist surprised Buffalo, beating them by 15 seconds after having lost to them by a boat length earlier in the season. Marist is clearly picking up speed and should feel good about this result. Buffalo continues to struggle a bit, but still took third place, beating Villanova, St. Joe's, and UMass. St. Joe's at 5th is a bit of a surprise because they had earlier come as close to Georgetown as URI. Two boat races in which the winner isn't pressed can produce unreliable results and that may have been the case with the Georgetown/St. Joe race.

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Anonymous said...

Bucknell LW not racing at Vails? WTF?