Friday, May 12, 2006

Dad Vail Heats

You can find the results of the Dad Vail light four heats here, so I won't go over them.

Who is Lawrence and where did they come from? It's only a heat, and fourth was comfortably back from third, but still, they're a surprise to me.

Why does the announcer keep calling UMass, Amherst? Doesn't he realize that Amherst is a different school?

Where did Nova Southeastern come from? I don't remember seeing them race a four, but they had the fastest time of the day.

Pittsburgh looks to be getting back on track.

It happens to someone every year, and this year it was Northwestern. Their heat time would have won every heat but the one they were in. Instead they got fourth and miss out on the semis. It's tough to compare heat times because the dynamics of a heat are so much different than a race, but they may be the third or fourth fastest boat at Vails, but we'll never know because they got rooked in the draw. In fairness to the regatta committee, I'm not sure anyone would've thought before the race that heat 3 would be so much faster than the rest, but that's no comfort to Northwestern.

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Anonymous said...

nova has a pretty fast light four. They won siras, but ucfs light four beat them at rollins in the beginning of the year.