Friday, June 09, 2006

Lightweight Scholarships

There's been a bit of a debate on these pages over whether any schools offer scholarship money for lightweights, in particular Wisconsin. At one point, I mentioned that they did and was corrected by a reader who said Wisconsin did at one time but no longer does. This story about a lightweight high school rower says she's going to Wisconsin next year on a "a partial crew scholarship." I'm not sure that's probative of anything though, because I frequently hear of girls going to Ivy League schools on "rowing scholarships."


Anonymous said...

There are no scholarships at Wisconsin, they were given to the openweight team.

Anonymous said...

there are no Ivy league rowing scholarships. ivy leagues have a policy of NOT giving athletic scholarships.
Rowing will help you get into an ivy league school, and the coach can rank you, but it is NOT like a big ten school or an atlantic conf school. your scholarship is based on need and academic merit, not your rowing ability.