Friday, June 09, 2006

CRCA Regional Coaches of the Year

I'm a little late on this, but back on May 23rd the CRCA announced its Regional Coaches of the Year. My initial thought, of course, was that Jim O'Conner, the Georgetown lightweight varsity coach would be a great choice although he'd have to duke it out with Mary Shofner, of course. Unfortunately the ballots were due May 17th, prior to the Hoya's 3rd place finish at Sprints, and way before their 2nd place finish at IRAs. Oh well... But then, I took a look at the ballot. Low and behold, neither O'Conner nor Shofner were even eligible! Perhaps the CRCA doesn't accept lightweight coaches as members (the riff raff, you know), except that there is a lightweight committee. (Wonder why there's a lightweight committee and not a heavyweight committee? Those heavyweight coaches should complain.) Perhaps he was eligible as an assistant (those lightweight coaches aren't really head coaches now, are they?). Well, I don't know about that, but I do know he didn't win. It may be that O'Conner just isn't a member of the CRCA. Can't imagine why a lightweight coach wouldn't want to join an organization that "exists to unify collegiate women’s rowing coaches, to act as a collective voice, and to inform collegiate women’s rowing coaches on issues related to rowing." [Italics mine]

Oh my gosh, maybe it's all because - gulp - the CRCA doesn't care about lightweights!


Anonymous said...

You should get on the CRCA mailing list before you make statements that the CRCA 'doesn't care about lightweights.'

I'm a big fan of the site, but the baseless claims about the CRCA, NCAA, and any woman who rows and isn't under 130 lbs are getting to be a little too much. Lightweight coaches are seen as assistant coaches by the NCAA, that is why they aren't recognized as coaches of the year.

I agree with all the regional coaches of the year, even if the LW coaches are included. Wisco and Georgetown's coaches did a great job, but they are among the top 4 LW schools every year (and were there well before they were the head LW coach) so it is hard to tell if they did exceptional jobs compared to the rest of the LW field.

JW Burk said...

Yeah, I start to annoy myself after a while. I'd love to be on the CRCA email list. This idea that lightweight coaches are seen as assistant coaches by the NCAA is exactly one of the issues. What does the NCAA have to do with lightweight rowing? What does it have to do with the CRCA which sponsors the awards? Do you think that a heavyweight coach who won a National Championship every year she's coached (Mary Shofner) would have never once been coach of the year (regional or national)?

Look, I honestly can't see any value to these organizations for lightweight women. What is it? For heaven's sake someone tell me. I'm rational, I'll admit I'm wrong. I hope I am. If you have inside information I'll happily give you a post to plug the CRCA. There may be things going on behind the scenes - I'm no insider so I don't know - but if the average observer can't see what is going on, how effective can it be? I'd love to get off these organizations and I write some of this stuff not only because I believe it, but also in the hope that someone gets mad, jumps up, and explains what they do for lightweights. My problem with the NCAA really comes down to one thing - it has split the sport. If it came out one day and said a championship for all (men, women, lights, heavies) I'd be for it.