Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stetson Crew Relief Fund

I asked (future) Stetson lightweight coach, Chris Thomas, how the rowing community can help the Stetson Crew get back on its feet. Chris was kind enough to write back:

Thank you for your time and concern. The entire rowing community has been very willing to help but not sure how. We have an abundance of equipment offered to us... we could literally have 70 boats here by next week if we wanted. But we are not at that stage yet... we have no place to store equipment, even our new trailer was totaled. So for now we just need financial help to get back on our feet. We are raising money to get some of the equipment such as oars, erg, coaching launches and docks replaced/repaired. Then we will get loaner/rental boats this season from area teams. We are still looking for a place to run practices from, but we still intend to travel and compete this season and are thankful of the help offered.

The financial help will be greatly appreciated... we have set up a Tornado Relief Fund:

Checks Payable to : "Stetson Crew"
MEMO/ATTN: "Tornado Relief Fund"

Stetson Crew
421 N. Woodland Blvd., Unit 8359
DeLand, FL 23723

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