Monday, February 19, 2007

Lightweight All-Americans!

With the launch of the re-designed CRCA Web site comes the posting of the minutes from the December meeting of the CRCA Lightweight Committee. The big news here is that the CRCA board approved the awarding of lightweight All America and Academic All America. See the minutes for the process, but I think it's consistent with how the heavies do it.

Other topics covered:

  • Selection criteria for lightweight athletes
  • Review of the variations in weigh-in weights and procedures
  • Methods to promote lightweight rowing within United States colleges
  • Results reporting for the upcoming spring
  • Seeding and Weigh-In procedures for the I.R.A.s
  • Increasing educational opportunities for lightweight rowing coaches
It's hard to imagine a more pertinent agenda, isn't it?

Under the weigh-in and weight discussion, the Head of the Charles weight limit of 135 pounds was addressed. I've never understood why the HOCR averages weights, and allows a max of 138 pounds. It's a practice that seems to encourage unhealthy weight loss (often even easily underweight rowers lose weight to make up for their heavier boatmates). The committee agreed to ask the HOCR to lower the max weight for college rowers to 133. Well, OK, that's better, but why not stop all of this nonsense and just go with the standard 130 pounds, no averaging?

A couple of points raised in the "growth" discussion:
  • Structure championships in a fashion that would encourage more schools to participate
    - include the light eight in team trophies
    - a V4 at IRAs.
  • IRAs
    - sponsorship funding for new schools to attend
    - change the 2V4 format to a 1V4
Note that these are all just suggestions at this point.

I'm not certain I understand the 2V4 to 1V4 at IRAs, since there is currently no V4. Maybe this refers to lobbying for a lightweight V4? In any case, I'm excited to see these issues being addressed by the committee. There are no quick fixes and any progress will only be accomplished through hard work, but at least the work has begun.

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