Sunday, February 25, 2007

Reader Rankings

I've posted a poll for a pre-season ranking of V8s in the sidebar. After looking high and low without success for a ready-made widget that would do what I want, I finally had to break down and use a form builder to create this. As a result, it doesn't have all the features I would like, but it will allow us to get a ranking that reflects your votes.

These things will never be scientific, but I'd really like to see what you think the final ranking of V8s will be at the end of the season. Use the drop-down boxes to select a crew for each position (there are 15 choices), First through Tenth. The results will go into a database and will be available at the end of the poll which I expect to be in about two weeks. Please vote once for who you really think will finish in each position, not just for your own crew.

If this seems to work I'll run it again midway through the season.

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