Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The end is in sight! Some of you have already been south to get more water time (some of you live in the south!), and others are getting ready to go. Some of you have a race in about a month and a half! This means it's time for season previews. As I did last year, I'll preview each of last season's top ten teams. If I discover that a particular team isn't racing lightweights, I'll replace that team with another.

At this point, the only team I know of that may not race lightweights is URI. I understand that they currently only have a light four although Coach Donohoe hopes to race an eight at A10s. Needless to say, this is disappointing because it wasn't long ago that URI's coach talked about making lightweights a "permanent fixture" in the program. The coaching staff turned over since then so I'm afraid that we may be witnessing the demise of URI lightweights. I thought the program was poised to begin a push into the elite levels of lightweight rowing and all the building blocks seemed to be in place. When the URI heavyweights finish 5th in the nation (as the lightweights did in 2004), we can discuss if focusing on heavies is a good move.

If you have news, gossip, rumors, or updates for the previews, please let me know.

I've promised a follow-up on the erg discussion we had earlier. I received comments from Rowperfect a few weeks ago. I've been in touch with Concept II, but they've delayed responding. I hope to have their response tomorrow.

Finally, I hope to launch a calendar that lists all of this season's lightweight races. I'll probably use Google Calendar and it will be public so if you have a Google ID you will be welcome to add events. Unfortunately, without the ID you will only be able to view it.

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