Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rowing Science Reviews the Slater Paper

You may have read the abstract of " Influence of Nutrient Intake after Weigh-In on Lightweight Rowing Performance" and wondered just what exactly was going on there. Fortunately Rowing Science has provided a nice review of the paper along with some good comments. You may have noticed that the USRowing lightweight presentation referred to research done by G.J. Slater (slides 12 and 25), one of the authors (I believe) of this paper.

Rowing Science raises some important questions about how the subjects in the study lost weight and what that might mean to the results, as well as the suggestion that it be repeated with women since there could well be gender differences that would have an effect.

The conclusion:

So it is interesting work. Food for thought (pardon the pun). But carry on as normal - after weigh in replace fluids and take on some nutrients.

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